Visionline is the ideal online locking solution for the most demanding properties, providing total flexibility and efficiency in hotel operations due to real-time online connectivity.


Product Description

Visionline is a wireless locking solution that has stand-alone electronic hotel locks operating in online mode through Radio Frequency (RF-online) that is based on Zigbee high security open platform. As the locks are connected to a Visionline server, there is no longer any need to walk to each lock to obtain lock audits, travel back to the front desk to re-code keycards, cancel mastercards etc. Visionline therefore provides easy real-time remote management.

The RF-online capabilities allow Visionline to be so much MORE. Features come in modular packages, allowing you to design the solution that best matches the requirements of your property. These features will provide you with enhanced efficiency, security and control.

Visionline may be selected with any lock from our lock portfolio. It also integrates with all Elsafe online safes.

Visionline is fully off-line operational in case of network breakdown.


Product Specification

Remote guest card cancellation

Remote master card cancellation

Wandering intruder report/alarm

Door ajar alert

Extended stay without visiting reception

Remote “change my room” function

Online passage mode activation

Live tracking of card users

Auto check-out of guests

Block cards per user and per section

Remote audit trail

Remote low battery status

Insert maintenance report cards

Auto SMS/e-mail alert option

... and many more

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