VingCard Sigma RFID

Our budget Sigma RFID lock is built on the Signature lock model’s chassis, though with standardised design and finish options. Sigma offers exceptional value for money.


Product Description

The VingCard Sigma RFID lock is a high quality contactless electronic lock designed and developed with the same quality as any other VingCard electronic lock. By standardizing design and finish options, Sigma RFID provides an attractive cost effective solution.


More Guest Satisfaction: Unmatched ease of use for guest of all ages.

More Security: Anti-cloning technology for all keycards.

More Adaptability: RFID keycards and carriers adapt to any hotel style.

More Information and Control: Sigma RFID electronic locks can write back information on staff RFID keycards for better information and management.

More Integration: You can integrate and interface Sigma RFID with other applications at your hotel (loyalty programs etc)

More Robustness: Sigma RFID electronic lock components are sealed and provide better performance for outdoor use.

More Selection: Provides access today to next generation technologies, including NFC-cell phone



Standalone electronic lock with RFID technology

Fire-listed for use on fire doors. (UL, EN, BS)

High security mortise lockcase available in ANSI, JPN, AUS and EURO versions

CE, FCC approved.

Solid brass handle with self-lubricating long life bearings.

3-point steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism

Case hardened full 1-inch (ANSI) throw deadbolt

Panic release function – the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy regress in emergency situations

ADA compliant (persons with physical disabilities)

Future proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory

Powered by three (3) AA batteries that provide up to 3 years normal life

600 event audit trail

Compatible with VingCard system software platforms

Optional high security mechanical override

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