VingCard Electronic Door Locks and Systems

The VingCard lock design represents quality, functionality, durability as well as security. With security being a top priority, VingCard locks are designed according to the most demanding ANSI grade 1 standards and are tested to more than 1 million openings. Each lock is based on a heavy duty mortise lockcase and a solid steel and brass escutcheon. Solid brass handles provide a true quality finish and long lasting appearance. All VingCard locks are constructed on a modular basis making it easy to upgrade the hardware and service parts without changing the complete lockset. Software can easily be upgraded without changing or removing any hardware. Our door locks can be operated using computerised access control systems. Of these, our top-of-the-range product, VISIONLINE, gives you total flexibility and efficiency in your hotel operations. This is achieved by using real-time online connectivity.

VingCard Essence RFID

VingCard Essence revolutionizes the electronic lock industry by housing all lock components, including the reader, inside the door. This achieves the maximum minimalistic expression... the

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VingCard Signature RFID

VingCard Signature RFID allows you to design your own lock. With a split design and an array of options to choose from in terms of

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VingCard Classic RFID

VingCard Classic RFID is based upon the timeless design that has been synonymous with VingCard ever since they pioneered the hospitality locking industry. The Classic

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VingCard Sigma RFID

Our budget Sigma RFID lock is built on the Signature lock model’s chassis, though with standardised design and finish options. Sigma offers exceptional value for

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VingCard Alfa RFID

Our budget Alfa RFID lock is built on the chassis of the timeless Classic design. Alfa offers exceptional value for money.

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Visionline is the ideal online locking solution for the most demanding properties, providing total flexibility and efficiency in hotel operations due to real-time online connectivity.

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