Heritage Motel, Dar es Salaam

As Heritage Motel, we have been using the VingCard Elsafe from Afratech Limited since the inception of the Motel (2006) to date. Our experiences with them are as below;

Customer Service: They have very good technical support; case in point, as we are based in Dar es Salaam, whenever we experience a technical problem they are just a phone call away. Regardless of the time, they are always courteous and willing to help.

After Sale Service: This service is provided to us on a once a year basis. It benefits us as any updating is done during the servicing of the VingCard Elsafe. The VingCard Elsafe is kept well maintained as any wear and tear of spares is also looked into.

Share Information and Training: They provide on the spot training whether on call or on location. In the event that a problem arises and they are consulted, they are always ready to share information which is helpful in case the problem recurs when they are not around.

We as Heritage Motel are proud to be associated with VingCard Elsafe.

Visit website: www.heritagemotel.co.tz

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