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Posted 26 February 2020

We are now able to supply you with eco-friendly Keycards for use with VingCard RFID locks. In a world dominated by single-use plastic, these plastic-free keycards are engineered with the environment in mind…….

They consist of natural weatherproof paper card made from wood fibre but are tear-resistant and retain plastic card performance. They are environmentally friendly, durable, reliable and a sustainable alternative to single use plastic RFID KeyCards.

If you are interested in these, customisable eco-friendly KeyCards for your hotel, we will be happy to advice you on the artwork possibilities, pricing and delivery options to your hotel.

We can supply you with Pulper RFID and Wooden RFID cards.

Pulper RFID Keycards

Sustainable. Made from wood fibre, our naturally textured paper card is lightweight yet incredibly durable.
Forest friendly. Wood fibre sourced from sustainable forests (FSC certified). Created to be recyclable with mixed paper after use.
Zero plastic card finish. Manufactured without plastic coating and lamination.
Durable. Plastic like high rigidity, stiffness and performance. Resists edge lift.

Waterproof feature

Wooden RFID Keycard

• Six types of wood – Black Walnut, Cherry, Bamboo, Birch, Beech, Sapele
• Laser engraving on both sides included
• Forest friendly – Wood sourced from sustainable forests (FSC certified)

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