Park Hyatt Zamani Palace, Zanzibar

Located on the beach front in the heart of UNESCO heritage site, Park Hyatt Hotel Zanzibar is an intimate haven with captivating architecture reflecting Swahili culture and a unique blend of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements.

While under construction, Park Hyatt sent a guest room technology specification to Afro Exports who in turn sent them a range of equipment matching the specs to choose from. With the help of their interior designers, Park Hyatt settled on our top of the range Essence RFID lock, the Elsafe Sentinel Advanced SD41 safe and Polar Bar PB40 minibar for each of their 78 rooms.

Our technicians then began the installation of the lock, safe and minibar units in December 2014 followed by the setup of the Visionline software system for which hotel staff received training. The following products were installed:

VingCard Essence RFID Locks x90
Elsafe Sentinel Advanced SD41 x90
Polar Bar PB40 x90

Continuing support and regular service of all equipment will be provided by Afratech Ltd, our sister company, through a maintenance contract.

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90 VingCard Installed

90 Elsafe Installed

90 PolarBar Installed

Customer Testimonial

We have worked with VingCard Elsafe PolarBar and we find it to be very good. At times we are faced with some technical issues with the interface connecting to Opera.

However, when such situations arise, we contact them and they are good at responding to our concerns. We rely on them. Overall, we are satisfied with the service. Afro Exports also has provided excellent service and we have enjoyed working closely with them.

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Park Hyatt Zamani Palace, Zanzibar