Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda

The Kampala Serena Hotel is located at the heart of Kampala in Uganda. This luxury 152 room hotel is a focal point of national, business, political and social life.

Prior to 2014, Serena Kampala had been experiencing a series of lock issues. Their old electronic locks were corroding and at times doors had to be forced open by breaking in. They also received poor technical support from their distributors and had to deal with long lead times before receiving spares. This prompted the hotel to contact Afro Exports Ltd for assistance in choosing the best possible solution to avoid these issues occurring again in the future.

Following consultation with us, the hotel decided to purchase 183 RFID locks, which were installed the same year. In 2015, the hotel contacted us again to request the supply and installation of 4 Multi Output Control Units for their elevators. We supplied the hotel with these units which were installed by Afratech Ltd, our sister company. Continuing support and servicing for Serena Kampala’s locks is carried out through an annual lock support agreement with Afro Exports Ltd.

Equipment installed: 183 x VingCard Classic RFID locks

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183 VingCard Installed

Customer Testimonial

Our move to the RFID VingCard lock system was a welcome decision. The locks are resilient, secure, easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

Our guests now have a greater sense of security since the locks do not allow for any physical contact, card insertion or interference from external sources. As a business partner, Afro Exports has provided us with impeccable support since installation of the system and the team is very professional and responsive. We would highly recommend the RFID VingCard lock system and the after-sale support from Afro Exports.

Anthony Chege, GM Serena Kampala

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Serena Kampala Hotel, Uganda