VingCard Electronic Door Locks

We offer a complete range of hotel door locks and electronic locking systems specifically to meet your needs. The Essence, Signature, Classic and Alfa Series, and a full complement of accessories provide a choice that is unmatched in the industry. These electronic locks can be used with RFID contactless keycards or magnetic stripe cards.

Hotel room security is a top priority for your guests. It is critical for your hotel’s continued operation that your door locks work at all times. With this in mind, all VingCard locks are designed according to the most demanding ANSI grade 1 or EURO standards and are tested to more than 1 million openings. Each lock is based on a heavy duty mortise lockcase and a solid steel and brass escutcheon. Solid brass handles provide a true quality finish and long lasting appearance of the product. This means that there will be neither shaky handles nor a shabby look and feel over time.

All VingCard electronic locks are constructed on a modular basis making it easy to upgrade the hardware and service parts without changing the complete lockset. Software can easily be upgraded without changing or removing any hardware.

Our door locks can be operated using computerised access control systems. Of these, our top-of-the-range product, VISIONLINE, gives you total flexibility and efficiency in your hotel operations. This is achieved by using real-time online connectivity.

For more information and brochures on Essence, Signature, Classic and Alfa locks and the available lock management systems, please refer to the submenu below.

VingCard Products

Door Lock Management Systems and Software View Product »

Door Lock Management Systems and Software

Our electronic locks can be operated using two different management control systems – VISION by VingCard and VISIONLINE by VingCard.

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Essence RFID View Product »

Essence RFID

Essence by VingCard takes the definitive step in minimal hardware on the door and will truely blend with any of your design requirements, enhancing the style of your hotel. It provides an entirely new concept in locking design.....

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Signature RFID View Product »

Signature RFID

VingCard Signature RFID combines the latest RFID technology with a uniquely styled lock.

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Classic RFID View Product »

Classic RFID

Classic RFID by VingCard offers the latest RFID technology, making the lock even easier to use for your guests.

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Signature View Product »


These unique locks will blend in with the style of your hotel providing a personal touch for your guests.

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Classic View Product »


Classic by VingCard is the lock that made the name VingCard synonymous with guest room security. It is the preferred lock for the quality conscious hotelier.

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Alfa RFID View Product »


A high quality, cost-effective electronic lock constructed according to the strictest criteria.

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e-cylinder View Product »


The flexible and compact solution for most doors where a conventional electronic lock is not suitable.

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